Monday, February 8, 2016


Junior-Senior Girls                                 

1 PM       Trinity/Filbert v St Johns B                    @ TBD

Due to the weather related postponement of games from January 23rd, several games will be reassigned a different start time for this coming Saturday. Sorry for all inconveniences.  

SENIOR BOYS                                FEBRUARY 13th   

9 AM      Mt. Holly A v Bible Baptist FM    @ Ebenezer   

10 AM    OBC v Oakdale                              @ Ebenezer
11 AM    Lake Wylie A v Mt. Holly A         @ Ebenezer   
12 PM     Woodland v Lake Wylie B            @ Ebenezer 
1 PM       OAPC v OBC                                @ Ebenezer 
2 PM       Lake Wylie A v Woodland            @ Ebenezer
10 AM    Woodhaven v First ARP                @ Woodhaven
11 AM    Mt. Holly B v West End                @ Woodhaven
12 PM     Oakdale v. Lakewood A                 @ Woodhaven 
1 PM       India Hook v Mt. Holly B             @ Woodhaven
2 PM       Tirzah v Lakewood B                    @ Woodhaven
3 PM       St Johns v Lakewood A                 @ Woodhaven


Monday, February 1, 2016

UPDATED 2/4 for February 6th Senior Boys Games

Saturday @ M. Holly:

10 AM   Lakewood B vs Mt. Holly A

1 PM     Lakewood A vs Lake Wylie B

3 PM    OBC vs Lakewood B

4 PM   Trinity vs Oakdale

Due to St. Johns Senior Boys having to forfeit their games on Saturday, we will move some games that were scheduled for Woodhaven to Mt. Holly. Sorry for any inconvenience; will update shortly.

Due to a death in the Woodhaven Church family the Senior boys games scheduled for Woodhaven, Saturday February 6th will be rescheduled to a later date.  Please check back.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

February 5th Biddy 8&9 Changes

Due to a gym closure, First Pres YORK has graciously offered their gym for Biddy 8&9 games that evening. First Pres York church is located in downtown York, 10 West Liberty Street. The schedule for that evening will be as follows:

The following games will be moved to First Pres YORK. 
5:30 PM            Mt Holly A v Filbert York              @ First Pres YORK 
6:15 PM            Mt Holly A v First Pres York          @ First Pres YORK
7:00 PM            Neely's Creek v Trinity A               @ First Pres YORK  
7:45 PM            First ARP v Lake Wylie                  @ First Pres YORK
5:30 PM             OBC A v Woodland                       @ OAPC
6:15 PM             Mt Holly B v OBC B                      @ OAPC
7:00 PM             Ebenezer v Trinity B                       @ OAPC
7:45 PM             OAPC v New Kirk                          @ OAPC
8:30 PM            Tirzah v India Hook                        @  OAPC
5:30 PM             Beth Shiloh v Oakdale                    @ Mt Holly
6:15 PM             St Annes B v St Johns B                 @ Mt Holly
7:00 PM             St Annes A v St Johns C                 @ Mt Holly
7:45 PM             St Annes C v St Johns A                 @ Mt Holly

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Team Designation

Final team designations will be made after this weekend's upcoming games. Any teams that have not submitted all complete required paperwork will be designated as an outreach team; no re-designation will be made.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Games Postponed

All games for this weekend have been postponed. The games scheduled will be added to the end of these schedule.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Important Notification Concerning Team Eligibility- Paperwork

During the coaches' meeting and as stated in the online blog, the proper paperwork was due the first week of the season. Remember, each coach was to turn in three sheets: the full roster with contact information, one waiver of liability with all parents' signatures on it, and the coach's pledge.

Proper paperwork was submitted by the following teams:

Mite Girls: Filbert Pres, First Pres/Neely's Creek, Mt Holly UMC, New Kirk, OAPC/Tirzah, OBC, St Johns, Trinity, and Woodland

Mite Boys: Filbert York, Lake Wylie, Mt Holly B, Neely's Creek A, Neely's Creek B, New Kirk/Ebenezer, OAPC, OBC, St Johns A, Tirzah, Trinity, West End, and Woodland

Junior Boys: Lake Wylie, Neely's Creek, Oakdale, OAPC, OBC, St Johns, Tirzah, and Trinity/Filbert

Junior/Senior Girls: Lake Wylie, Mt Holly, Neely's Creek, OAPC, OBC, St Johns A and B, Tirzah, and Trinity, Woodland

Senior Boys: Bible Baptist, OAPC, St Johns, Tirzah, Trinity, West End, Woodhaven, Woodland

The following teams did not submit the required paperwork. Or paperwork was incorrectly submitted on too many single waiver forms, or no designation stating what team the paperwork belonged. This paperwork must be submitted correctly next week or the gym has the right to refuse to allow play.

Mite Girls: Ebenezer (nothing turned in), First ARP (no roster)

Mite Boys: First ARP (coaches pledge), Mt Holly A and C (nothing turned in), Oakdale (no waiver of liability),  St Johns B (nothing turned in), Woodhaven A and B (no designation of which team A or B on the one roster turned in, no waivers of liability, no coaches pledges)

Junior Boys: Calvary (nothing turned in), First ARP A (no waiver of liability), First ARP B (no waiver of liability), Mt Holly (coaches pledge)

Senior Boys: First ARP (nothing turned in), India Hook (nothing turned in), Lake Wylie A and B (nothing turned in), Lakewood A and B (nothing turned in), Mt Holly A and B (no waiver of liability), Neely's Creek (nothing turned in), Oakdale (no waiver of liability or coaches pledge), OBC (nothing turned in)

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Biddy Schedules 7 and Under and Combined

There has been a shift in two Biddy 7 and Under games from Woodhaven to new locations. Also Biddy Combined games for January 8 will be played at New Kirk.