Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Entry Deadline----Season Start Date

2015-16 entry deadline is Friday November 20th; limited season start December. Full season start January 8th & 9th.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

2015-16 CBA kickoff

Folks we will be holding our 2015-16 CBA kickoff next Tuesday, the 27th, at Ebenezer Presbyterian @ 6:30. Topic to be discuss include early start of the season, tentative change to 8 & 9 year biddy division and incident procedures. It is important that if your Church is planning on participating that a representative be there. 

Sunday, March 22, 2015

2015 Men's League Summary

Standing are located on the Men's League Tab.

League Note: Please note that dunking is not allowed, pre-game or game time. The only time a player is permitted to grab the ring is to avoid injury. It is not our intent to take the fun out of the game, but to be respectful of the host churches equipment. Two years ago we had a backboard shatter that cost several hundred dollars to replace and we were prevented from playing there, so please stay off the rim. Anyone dunking will be removed from the game, moving forward.

Final Regular Season Standings:

1)   St. Johns 6-2
2)   Eastside 6-2
3)   Lake Wylie 5-4
4)   RiverCrossing 5-4
5)   Mt. Pilgrim 4-4
6)   OAPC 3-6
7)   Woodhaven 1-8

Tuesday May 12th @ Neelys Creek 

6:30   St. Johns 53  Mt. Pilgrim 59

7:30  Eastside 56  OAPC 45

8:45  Eastside 69  Mt. Pilgrim 91

Thursday 5/7 Results:

OAPC 57, Woodhaven 44

Mt. Pilgrim 82, RiverCrossing 65

OAPC 62, Lake Wylie 60

Tuesday 5/5 Results:

Mt. Pilgrim 93, Woodhaven 63

Mt. Pilgrim's Chris set an all time record for most points scored in a game with 54. Previous Record; Ryan Hunt 48.

St. Johns 63, Lake Wylie 55

Eastside 89, OAPC 63

Thursday 4/23 Results:

Lake Wylie 60, Woodhaven 54

Mt. Pilgrim 70, St. Johns 49

RiverCrossing 63, OAPC 47

Tuesday 4/21 Results:

Woodhaven 39, OAPC 37

Lake Wylie 53, RiverCrossing 52

Eastside 59, Mt. Pilgrim 56

Thursday 4/16 Results:

Eastside 70, St. Johns 59

Eastside got a little payback from an earlier defeat at the hands of St.Johns with a 70-59 victory, and in doing so handed St. Johns it's first loss of the season. Rusty "BIG COUNTRY" Severance led Eastside with a Thursday night high of 29 points, while Will King had 18 for the JOHNNIES.

OAPC 48, Lake Wylie 43

OAPC followed Eastside's example of payback as they avenged their earlier loss to Lake Wylie coming back from 10 down to win 48-43, handing Lake Wylie their third loss in a row. Andy Morton's 19 and Ben Brannon's 16 accounted for 35 of OAPC's 48 points. Alex Dunson scored 16 for Lake Wylie.  

RiverCrossing 70, Woodhaven 57

Woodhaven looked as if they were going to get their payback as well in the nightcap as they were up early, however a Rivercrossing 18-0 run late in the first half put those hopes to rest completing the season sweep with the 70-57 victory. Warren Norman, connecting on his free throw attempts this week, led Rivercrossing with 24, while Chad Nader scored 16 for Woodhaven.

Tuesday 4/14 Results:

St. Johns 50, OAPC 35

Behind 16 from Alex Finke and 15 from Clay Chandler St. Johns defeated OAPC, 50-35, in a game that could be describe as an offensive struggle. Andy Morton accounted for 14 of OAPC 35 total points.

Eastside 62, Lake Wylie 46

Eastside handed the boys from the Lake their second defeat in as many games, 62-46. Lake Wylie eased through their first 3 games and looked to be the team to beat, however after dropping their second game in a row appears by a combined 53 points they may have just been a pretender. Eastside was led by Mr. Severance for the second game in a row with 16 points, while Jeremy Wallace accounted for 19 in the losing effort.

Mt. Pilgrim 74, RiverCrossing 48

Mt. Pilgrim made it two in a row taking down RiverCrossing 74 to 48. Mt. Pilgrim behind the sharp shooting of Chris and the slash and burn drives by Tony & Bobo, Mt. Pilgrim is starting to look like a contender. Chris led all scorers in this game with 27 as Warren Norman accounted for 11 for RiverCrossing.

Thursday 4/9 Results:

St. Johns 66, Woodhaven 46

Down 13 to 8 with just about 10 minutes to go till halftime, St. Johns went on a 17 to 0 run and never looked back, easing to the 66-46 victory. Josh Bates led the St. Johns with 24, while Chad Nader account for 12 for Woodhaven.

RiverCrossing 58, Eastside 56

Described as the best game in two years, RC eked out a 58-56 win in spite of doing theri best to give it up from the free throw line. Warren Norman's 15, could have had 21, led RC's attack, while Rusty Severance was credited with 18 for Eastside.

Mt. Pilgrim 87, Lake Wylie 50

Whoa what a nightcap. Lake Wylie without Jeremy Wallace struggled from the onset and Mt. Pilgrim took full advantage, knocking Lake Wylie out of the ranks of the undefeated with a 87-50 victory. Talking with Pat Burris after the game...... well, Pat really couldn't speak as he was gasping for air:) Chris & Tony led the route,accounting for 47 of the 87 scored. Matt Hoag & Vinnie Guill scored 13 each for Lake Wylie.  

Tuesday 4/7 Results:

St. Johns 72, RiverCrossing 51

Leading Scorers: St. Johns, Josh Bates 16, Andy Liable 14
                            RiverCrossing, Lane Norman 20

Eastside 72, Woodhaven 44

Leading Scorers: Eastside, Dusty Thompson 24
                            Woodhaven, Brian Mitchell 16

OAPC 55, Mt. Pilgrim 49

Leading Scorers: OAPC, Andy Morton 21
                            Mt. Pligrim, Bobo & Chris with 14 each.

Thursday 3/26 Results:

St. Johns 73, Mt. Pilgrim 52

Leading Scorers: St. Johns, Chris Bailey 21 Andy Liable 18
                            Mt. Pilgrim, Chris 20

Lake Wylie 82, Woodhaven 49

Leading Scorers: Lake Wylie, Jeremy Wallace 21
                           Woodhaven, Chad Nader 18

RiverCrossing 64, OAPC 45

Leading Scorers: RiverCrossing, Warren Norman21
                            OAPC, Ryan Snowber-Marini 19

Tuesday 3/24 Results:

OAPC 44,  Woodhaven 37

OAPC used a strong second half defense to secure their first CBA victory on Tuesday as they held Woodhaven to only 14 points. That effort led to a 44-37 come from behind victory. Jeff Williamson's 13 and David Grigg's 12 accounted for over half the points for OAPC, while Chad Nader had 13 for Woodhaven.

Lake Wylie 71, RiverCrossing 64

RC goes cold down the stretch allowing The Men from the Lake to secure the victory 71-64. Jeremy Wallace led Lake Wylie with 25, while Warren Norman accounted for 21 of RC's 64.

Eastside 72, Mt. Pilgrim 58

One watching this game would have gotten the impression that Mt. Pilgrim was winning, however when you looked at the scoreboard, you saw that Eastside was----weird. Chad Beck had a banner night, scoring 25 for Eastside, Mt. Pilgrim was led by Chris with 23 and Tony's 21.

Thursday 3/19 Results:

RiverCrossing 60, Woodhaven 33

RiverCrossing treated the new kids on the block rather rudely on Thursday nights as the boys from across the river jumped on the newbys quickly, never giving the host much of a chance; final 60-33. RiverCrossing was led by 15 from Warren Norman & Aaron Chapin. Brian Mitchell s& Tommy Patterson each tallied 8 for Woodhaven.

St. Johns 46, Eastside 35

Eastside was unable to get their outside game going and therefore made St. Johns job a little easier. St. Johns balance attack behind 10 from Will King, 9 from Andy Liable & 8 from Chris Bailey eased their way to a 46-35 win.Will McWaters and Rusty Severance each had 11 for Eastside.

Lake Wylie 58, OAPC 39

Opening night jitters or were they just overwhelmed by Lake Wylie's new look..., maybe a little of both played into OAPC lost. New member Jeremy Wallace made a loud opening night statement for the men of the lake, scoring 22 of The Lake's 58 points; Matt Hoag added 15. Jeff Williamson's 16 led OAPC's efforts.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Highest Honor

Congratulations to our Sportsmanship Champions:

Large Entry Category: Oakland Avenue Presbyterian Church

Small Entry Category: First Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church 

The sportsmanship award is given to the Church which has the highest accumulated average from each game that the Church participated in. The scores are based upon the conduct of Coach, Team & their Fans. The scores are submitted from the officials, score keepers & gym managers.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mite Boys & Girls Finals

February 28th @ Tirzah

Mite Boys Tournament Semi-Finals and Final

11 AM  (1) OBC A 34 vs. (4) OBC 30 B
12 PM   (6) Trinity A 13 vs. (2) Woodhaven B 16

2 PM     Mite Boys Championship Game: OBC A 37 vs Woodhaven B 28

Mite Boys Champion: Oakland Baptist Church (A)

February 28th @TIRZAH

Mite Girls Tournament Semi-Finals and Final

9 AM                (1) Trinity 15 vs. (4) St. Johns-1 12
10 AM              (2) Woodland 18 vs. (3) Ebenezer 10

1 PM                 Mite Girls Championship Game: Trinity 21 vs Woodland 11

Mite Girls Champion: Trinity United Methodist 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Mite Boys Tournament and Outreach Games

February 21st  Outreach Final Games and Mite Boys Tournament

Outreach Final Games @ Mt Holly

9 AM      St Johns A 23 vs. Tirzah B 13  
10 AM    Mt Holly B 15 vs. First ARP B 14 
11 AM    St Johns B 14 vs. Tirzah A 17 
12 PM     OAPC 13 vs. Mt Holly A 19 
1 PM       Filbert 13 vs. First ARP A 15 
2 PM       Lakewood  0 vs Neely's Creek B 2  

Mite Boys Tournament @ Woodhaven

9 AM    (8) Trinity B 22 vs. (9) Neely's Creek A 21 
10 AM  (4) OBC B 25 vs. (5) Woodhaven A 20 
11 AM  (1) OBC A 36 (first seed) vs. (8) Trinity B 20 
12 PM   (2) Woodhaven B 25 vs. (7) Ebenezer 18 
1 PM     (3) Oakdale 13 vs. (6) Trinity A 14

February 28th @ Tirzah

Mite Boys Tournament Semi-Finals and Finals

11 AM  (1) OBC A vs. (4) OBC B
12 PM   (6) Trinity A vs. (2) Woodhaven B
2 PM     Mite Boys Championship Game (Winner of the 11AM vs 12PM games)

Monday, February 16, 2015

Mite Girls Tournament and Outreach Games

February 21st @TIRZAH

9 AM                OUTREACH GAME St Johns-2 10 vs. Filbert 8
10 AM              (1) Trinity 20 vs. (8) OBC/First ARP 6
11 AM              (4) St Johns-1 23 vs. (5) Tirzah 18
12 PM              (2) Woodland 21 vs. (7) Neely's Creek 12
1 PM                (3) Ebenezer 19 vs. (6) New Kirk/India Hook 18

February 28th @TIRZAH

9 AM                (1) Trinity vs. (4) St. Johns-1
10 AM              (2) Woodland vs. (3) Ebenezer
1 PM                 Mite Girls Championship Game 9AM vs 10AM Feb 28th