Thursday, January 19, 2017

Schedule Change for 1/21 Mite Boys--See Highlighted Game

January 21st
9:00 AM           Woodhaven                 Mt Holly 1                    OAPC
10:00 AM         Oakland                       Mt Holly 2                    OAPC
11:00 AM         Woodland                    Tirzah                          OAPC
12:00 PM         Neely’s Creek 1          West End 2                 OAPC
1:00 PM           Neely’s Creek 2          Woodland                    OAPC
2:00 PM           Lake Wylie                  OAPC                          OAPC
3:00 PM           India Hook                   St Johns 1                   OAPC 
4:00 PM           West End 1                 First Pres York            OAPC
2:00 PM           St Johns 2                   Filbert                          Tirzah
4:00 PM           St Johns 3                   Trinity                          New Kirk
4:00 PM           First ARP                    Oakdale                       Woodland

Saturday, January 14, 2017

First Week Housekeeping

Finally the CBA season has started!! I hope everyone enjoyed their first weekend of games, and are excited about the upcoming weeks.
The following church teams will not be eligible to play this coming weekend if the proper paperwork is not submitted:
Girls Under 13-
First ARP (incomplete roster turned in, no coach's pledge), 
Mt. Holly (no coach's pledge),
OAPC (incomplete roster),
Woodland (incomplete waiver of liability)
Mite Boys-
First Pres York (no roster, waiver, coach's pledge),
OAPC (incomplete waiver of liability),
St Johns 2 (no roster, waiver, coach's pledge),
OBC (no roster, waiver of liability, coach's pledge),
First ARP (incomplete roster, waiver of liability, coach's pledge),
Neely's Creek 1 (no roster, waiver of liability, coach's pledge)
Junior Boys-
St Johns 1- (coach's pledge)
Neely's Creek- (incomplete roster, waiver of liability)
Senior Girls-
Lake Wylie (no waiver of liability),
Neely's Creek (no roster, waiver of liability, coach's pledge),
Woodland (no waiver of liability, coach's pledge)

Monday, January 9, 2017

Postponed Games

All games that were postponed this past weekend will be re-scheduled, however locations and dates are yet to be determined. Please follow original schedule.

Friday, January 6, 2017

All Games for this weekend have been postponed.

All weather related cancellation or postponements are announced on the facebook site.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Schedules are up!

Initial schedules have been uploaded on this site. Please select the appropriate tab to find your divisional schedule.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Senior Boys Coaches Meeting.

Pre-Season Senior Boys Meeting is scheduled for Saturday December 3rd at Tirzah ARP's gym @ 10:30am. If your church will have a Senior Boys team this is a mandatory meeting. All Senior Boys coaches are required to attend. No Senior team will be allowed to participate in the league without coaches attending.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Preseason CBA Meeting #2

Due to short notice resulting in low turnout we will hold a second preseason meeting on Thursday November 10 at the Tirzah ARP gym @ 6:30  If your church is planning on participatingin this years league it is imperative that a representative be in attendance. In the meantime, please read the bylaws that can be found on this site along with all forms. ENTRY DEADLINE IS NOVEMBER 23.